The Horde is family (part 1)



* Mokvar learned of Theldren’s unhelpful warning when Deliana appeared in Orgrimmar, as he related here.

** Mokvar and Garrosh — along with Liadrin, Utvoch, and (a version of) Faranell — were trapped in an alternate timeline during the Timequake storyline.  While there, they learned of Neeru Fireblade’s scheming in Orgrimmar (as seen here, and discussed by Neeru himself here).  Spazzle, for his part, is clearly as tired of hearing about it as are many readers.


* As Mokvar recently related here, he went to see Neeru before disappearing from Orgrimmar.


* Shayari was starting to examine this peculiarity of the altar just before Mokvar make his dramatic return here.

** Mokvar offered to help Garrosh control the sha here, which was a good mood on Mokvar’s part insofar as it likely averted an acute case of being brutally murdered.

C40_Page_4 C40_Page_5

* For anyone who doesn’t remember, Ariok’s father is Eitrigg, who has much more dove-like tendencies than Garrosh.  Granted, there are likely serial killers with more dove-like tendencies than Garrosh, but still.

16 Responses to “The Horde is family (part 1)”

  1. Holy Sunwell, dear warchief. I am so, so sorry for you, having to explain to your daughter the whole . . . issue of her grandfather and some warlocks. I know, I know, I owe the inspiration for my current existence to them, but personally, I’d as soon feed them all to my runeblade.

  2. Lizard man sees an audience, jumps out of the shadows and goes *JAZZHANDS*

  3. Ooooh, Ariok’s struck a blow to the gut with that one. I wonder how Garrosh is going to take *that* little unfavourable comparison (not to mention the slight of his father’s name).

  4. Garrosh. I’m sure I feel much like you in this situation. Could you RIP ARIOK’S HEAD OFF AND MOUNT IT ON A SPIKE?

  5. Is something bad going to happen to Shayari? She’s so nice! Please don’t let anything bad happen to her!

    ((I love all the angles on her on the last three pages – very expressive!))

    • ((Thanks! A few of them I’m still pretty meh about, but I’m fairly happy with the ones in the two small left-hand panels at the bottom of the last page, especially the one of Shayari looking back over her shoulder. Plus I finally decided, Blizzard art team be damned, I’m giving her irises! I’m tired of having to give Shay blank eyes just because she’s a draenei, and then hoping everyone guesses which way she’s looking!))

      • ((Unlike in-game, a lot of official artwork shows them having irises, well-detailed and just glowing.))

      • ((Plus she’s only HALF-Draenei so … if you say she has irises, then she has irises!))

      • I agree that Shay is awesome, but then, she’s ALWAYS awesome! And I second (or third?) those who are saying she can totally have irises/pupils. There’s lots of possible justification for it.

  6. Yeah, that drakonid’s just volunteered to become a new jacket with matching boots…

  7. If only the Horde’s strongest can control the Sha, then your Kor’kron must have really lax hiring standards, seeing as how they all got wiped out.

    Plus, Anduin did roam around the continent dealing with these things. Kid might just know what he’s talking about.

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