Stay of execution (part 2)


Picking up where we left off last time

C25_Page_3 C25_Page_4 C25_Page_5 C25_Page_6 C25_Page_7

9 Responses to “Stay of execution (part 2)”

  1. So happy to see a new comic! Great stuff too!

  2. Yay! An update! Woot!

    OMG, Mokvar! I have a bad feeling about where this is going to lead you! ((Namely to SoO where I and several close buddies will be forced to kill you.)) 😦

    Also, there’s some fine artwork in this one. I particularly love the very surprised sheep, Angry Garry in the last frame of the second page, and the perspective of Mokvar’s face in the first panel of the last page. Good work, Gurtash!

  3. Oh, Mokvar…*sighs sadly*

    ((Mind you, still wanted the dance-off. ;))

  4. Of course Garrosh would use a term like peanut gallery.

  5. Oh Ji. I thought you were trained better than this. Hrmph!

    On Mokvar, I am glad to see he found a way back into your good graces, Warchief, but at what price? A Shaman losing their ties to the elements is not something to take lightly. I mean, Celestials know what I would do if, say, the waters of the Vale suddenly disappeared or became corrupted. That is the source I draw upon for my restorative spells.

    • It be hard to divine da feelings of da elements even at best o’ times — ‘cept when dey angry, dat be straightforward — but to break da bonds made…

      Da elements may forgive ya once, but dey nevah forgive twice.

  6. Study the past, Warchief. Watch where you tread.

  7. ((OOC time! I like where you’re going with this, Averry. Especially with Mokvar, since the “transition” (if there ever was one) in-game never made any sense. That character deserved better and I’m happy that at least Mokvar is getting that treatment here. =) ))

    • ((Thanks! In a weird way, I’ve come to think of my job on the blog, in part, as taking what Blizzard throws at us and thinking, “Okay, what can I put around this so it actually makes sense?”

      …And then Blizzard said, “Oh yeah? Well here’s WoD — take THAT!” Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be at the (non-literal) drawing board for a year or twelve…))

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