In which Ji has kind of a rough week



* Spazzle spilled the beans (well, most of them) about Mokvar here, after Krog reported on Spazzle’s clandestine meeting with Mokvar in Winterspring.

** While being held in Orgrimmar, Mokvar and Deliana carried out an escape plan when Ji let himself be knocked out to distract the Kor’kron guards.  Spazzle reported on all this (to you folks at home, not to Garrosh…yet) here and here.


* Garona revealed to Mokvar that she was shadowing him early on, when she intervened to protect him during an attack by spectral assassins.


* That would be the aforementioned clandestine meeting with Spazzle.

** Oh, Mylune.  Garrosh crossed paths with everyone’s favorite bunny-hugger at the Sanctuary of Malorne in a rather memorable encounter here.  And, what the hey, might as well link back to the other times he’s run into her, in Mulgore and at an ill-fated anger management seminar (for the uninitiated among you: yes, really).


9 Responses to “In which Ji has kind of a rough week”

  1. As horrible as that was, I couldn’t help laughing over it. Well played Mokvar!

  2. Hopefully Mylune didn’t snap and get violent with Ji at any point… Poor bear. 😦

  3. That last panel…:D

  4. Niiiice.

  5. Oh poor Ji. I do not envy what he must have gone through at the hands of that dryad. The bosom-clasp bruises will fade, but the memories require copious amounts of brew to forget.

  6. A Concerned Citizen Says:

    You know, I have memories that I shudder to recall about the Sanctuary of Malorne, but I do have to say that the experience goes far, FAR easier on you if you’re wearing plate.

  7. Ya’d tink stories of dat dryad would be common enough in da general populace at dis point dat even dem pandas woulda heard a ting or two.

    Guess Ji be even more oblivious den I thought. *sigh*

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