The enemy of my enemy


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* Garona intervened to protect Mokvar when he was being attacked by spectral assassins here, after his meeting with Neeru Fireblade.

** Mokvar had this exchange with Deliana on the way out of Onyxia’s lair, having just struck his deal with Magatha Grimtotem.


* Spazzle reported on Mokvar’s rather tense debriefing with Eitrigg here.

** After Mokvar broke arrest and fled Orgrimmar with Deliana, he arranged to meet with Spazzle in Everlook.  Spazzle detailed their meeting in Winterspring here.

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12 Responses to “The enemy of my enemy”

  1. Wham bam, Magatha got slammed.

  2. Why did I ever doubt you, Mokvar! ❤

  3. That grin of Garrosh’s needs to be on a t-shirt. 😀

  4. Sintra E'Drien Says:

    ((Indeed, I’m (a bit) surprised that there wasn’t a shiny sparkle * reflecting off his ivory grin.))

  5. It appears Mokvar is much more crafty than anyone had assumed. If he had not abandoned the way of the Shaman for fel magic, I am sure he would fit right in with the Shado-Pan.

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