Ut’s on first, Tak’s on second


Things have been pretty quiet the last few days here at Domination Point.  We’ve had scouting parties scouring Pandaria for the tomb where the mogu hid the Divine Bell, but no word yet, so we’ve mostly been biding our time here at the base and slapping around some Alliance when the opportunity has presented itself.  After one such fun-filled opportunity, I got back to the base just in time for the latest wave of troop arrivals from Kalimdor.  According to Captain Drok, Garona came along for the trip this time and apparently has some news she needs to update me on – I guess she was over at the barracks getting settled in when I first got back, so I didn’t have a chance to talk to her right away.  (Oh the tragedy.)

Also among the arrivals…  <sigh>  Well…you remember that kitty druid with the…creative spelling patterns, who wrote in for a few mailbags a while ago, wanting to take over for Mokvar as my scribe?  Taktani?  Yeah…well…


* Taktani first wrote to Garrosh here, then again some weeks later.  And again.  Finally, after word of the post-Mokvar opening reached her, she inquired (with big, hopeful eyes, one can only assume) about taking over as the Warchief’s personal scribe.










Hopefully, between Gurtash and the Wonder Twins, they’ll at least be able to get Taktani’s spelling squared away enough that the transcripts won’t be too painful to read.  If not, well, Mokvar better hurry up and get his head straightened out and his ass down here to get back to work.

Anyway… I need to go see if Garona has calmed the fuck down so I can find out what this big news is that she came down here to report.

More soon.

10 Responses to “Ut’s on first, Tak’s on second”

  1. *distracted by kitty*

    Gurtash deserves a promotion, or at least a raise. Excellent work all around, but especially the scene where Taktani pounces on Garrosh. Best panel yet IMO.

    • Hmm. A raise, as in, if he were hypothetically getting paid?

      And a promotion is off the table until the kid brings his melee skills up some. Hardworking, but still a work in progress…

  2. Taktani Says:

    Yay Im in the comik!

  3. Clearly, you need to have Taktani be your “ambassador” to Mylune…

  4. OMG, Tak finger painting on the side of the building! ROFL!

    The belt buckle expressions on page 6! The confusion! The extremely adorable Tak! Hee hee hee! XD

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