We All Have Our Demons


Still in progress…

Shortly before Garrosh leaves for Pandaria, Mokvar is attacked by parties unknown.  Eventually, Mokvar fills in the story: his attackers were spectral assassins sent by the lingering spirit of Lord Valthalak, a drakonid whom Mokvar had angered in his mercenary days by stealing a powerful warlock relic called the Nether Prism.  Reunited with Deliana, a fellow former mercenary, Mokvar tries to track down the Nether Prism, only to learn it’s likely in the hands of a warlock coven called the Council of the Black Harvest.  Mokvar’s erratic behavior eventually leads to his arrest, but he escapes and flees Orgrimmar.

To be continued…


  • Best-laid plans — During a strategy session for the Pandaren campaign, Mokvar has some choice words for Malkorok.

Story Arc:

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