Mother’s Day

A letter to Garrosh’s mailbag reveals a shocker: Garrosh’s mother, Lakkara, is alive and well in Nagrand, where she has lived in self-imposed exile until being treated for an especially potent strain of the red pox.  Garrosh returns to Nagrand to investigate, and after confirming that it’s true, returns to Orgimmar with his mother and begins introducing her to the orcs’ new home.  While bringing Lakkara to Grom’s monument in Demon Fall Canyon, Garrosh is attacked by a revived General Grebo; Lakkara intervenes to protect her son and is killed.  Furious and believing the humans to have been behind the attack, Garrosh begins to plan a massive attack on Theramore, including an insidious new potential weapon.  Before the attack can take place, though, the truth comes out: the return and death of Lakkara were all a scheme by Magatha Grimtotem to create the illusion of Lakkara’s return, only to take her away.


  • Monday mailbag – A letter to General Grebo is misdelivered to Garrosh.
  • Back to Stonetalon – During a ceremonial visit, Garrosh learns of strange goings-on in Stonetalon.
  • Krom’gar’s shadows – Garrosh investigates and discovers signs of Old God activity.
  • Now as I was saying – Word of a Twilight enclave in Hyjal leads Garrosh to an encounter with Krom’gar’s ghost.

Story Arc:


  • Back to the drawing board – Garrosh shelves the attack on Theramore and sets out to pieck of the pieces.
  • Remembrance of the dead – Garrosh calls off Sylvanas, who offers a rare moment of compassion.
  • By way of apology – Eitrigg suggests Garrosh apologize for falsely accusing Varian; it goes about as well as you might expect.
  • Spazzle Speaks: Mailbag Request – Spazzle calls on the Horde for a show of solidarity in light of the Warchief’s loss.
  • Ancestral Grounds – Garrosh returns to Nagrand to lay Lakkara to rest.
  • Back to Azeroth – Garrosh returns home and puts together a few final pieces concerning Grebo.
  • Monday mailbag – As per Spazzle’s request, Garrosh’s readers write in to show their support.

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