The Horde is family (part 2)


C40_Page_6 C40_Page_7 C40_Page_8

[Part 3 coming later this week…]

9 Responses to “The Horde is family (part 2)”

  1. Bloody brilliant, sir. I think I’ll go throw up now.

  2. The punishment for jazz hands is severe. 😦

    Also, that is a pretty epic drawing of Garrosh on page 1 panel 4. Gurtash is a hell of an artist!

  3. *skin-skin-skin*

    What? Black Dragonscales still go for a good price on my server!

  4. Well now that that’s over, I wonder how Garrosh is going to handle being compared to dear old dad in a negative manner. Not to mention the inevitable telling Shay that her grandfather almost wiped out her mother’s people in a fit of frenzied rage.

  5. Dat be a kick-butt pose, Garrosh! Ya been using Chuck Norris from Earth Online as your inspiration?

    Also, does Shayari know Ice Block yet? If not, I tink it would do da both of ya good if she gots on it pronto.

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