Scribin’ ain’t easy



* For anyone not in the know, Mokvar was long responsible for recording Garrosh’s transcripts, but in his absence, Gurtash took over scribe duty in comic form.  With both of them present here in Blackrock Spire, Mokvar and Gurtash turned to a time-honored method for settling dibs.


* When Shayari first came to Orgrimmar and met Garrosh, Gurtash’s artwork was…less than steadfast in its commitment to verisimilitude.

6 Responses to “Scribin’ ain’t easy”

  1. Would a robo-scribe be from Goblin or Gnomish Engineering? And how long would it take to either blow up or turn on its masters?

    • Around the people Garrosh deals with? It’d go nuts and kill anything in sight within a week at most.

    • A Concerned Citizen Says:

      Possibility of explosion: Low. That means it’s probably not Goblin Engineering.

      Possibility of unintended teleport, polymorph, or both: Low. That means it’s probably not Gnome Engineering, either.

      Possibility of its Autocorrect feature rewriting the transcript in haiku: High.

      Probability of Garrosh reprogramming it with Gorehowl afterwards: Near Certainty.

    • A Concerned Citizen Says:

      ((And apropos of nothing, it’s National Engineers Week from February 22-28.))

  2. Huh. Now all dat’s missin’ in dis crowd is Tak.

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