Collateral damage



* In Garrosh’s absence, Mokvar convinced Eitrigg to grant him diplomatic cover to travel to Ironforge.

** Theldren was one of the last surviving members of the Veiled Blade mercenary company, along with Mokvar and Deliana.  When Theldren appeared in Ironforge, after having fled Blackrock Mountain, Deliana ventured to Orgrimmar to inform Mokvar.


* Word reached Orgrimmar that Mokvar had been charged with Theldren’s murder here.

4 Responses to “Collateral damage”

  1. Hmm. Hexing the guards….why did I not think of this during my trek to Ironforge to honor their ancestor?! It was not easy doing the run of shame through their city, and those axes hurt on bare fur!

  2. So, they didn’t happen to notice the wounds on all of them from weapons neither dwarf nor orc had? Stupid dwarves. No wonder we kick alliance ass so hard, the only race they have that’s not been nearly wiped out is a race of idiots. Humans: orcs then scourge, then orcs again, without gul’dan. Gnomes: blew up their city, Draenei: demons, Night Elves: Us baby! Booya! High Elves: Fraction of a fraction of a population killed by scourge. Dwarves: They’re just up in their mountains, being stupid.

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