Scene of the crime

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8 Responses to “Scene of the crime”

  1. I ❤ Spazzle Noir!

    That Whirlyzap Discombobulator!

  2. Looks like Mokvar completed his Green Fire quest in the meantime…

  3. hey spazzle, think you could loan me one of those whirlyzap discombobulators? 😀

  4. Mokvar gave up his Shamanism to turn back to the darker arts? I can’t abide those warlocks. They smell funny. Like Southshore funny.

    (This one was dark and I love how bits of SoO and Treasurer!Mokvar worked their way into the noir! Love it!)

  5. I’m not sure exactly if that was what I was expecting… I mean, Mokvar has … he…
    I’m not sure I like where this is going… not at all.

    Gurtash and Spazzle will be able to retrieve those scribbles on their way back through I hope. Gurtash’s work shouldn’t just be left laying about – it’s too good!

  6. Dat ain’t da Mokvar I know from my days in Old Orgrimmar… What’s happenin’? 😦

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