The Secret Life of Spazzle Fizzletrinket (part 2)


* I, on the other hand, feel no such reservations.  You can check out Mokvar’s own account of his sordid past here and here, and get an overview of his ongoing tale here.

C22_Page_07 C22_Page_08 C22_Page_09 C22_Page_10C22_Page_11

I mean, really.  I seriously need some better fucking minions.

More soon.


[One final noteworthy note — this post features a cameo from Transmogs-for-Shay winner Sintra E’Drien, in the person of his DK Equemorticia… um… I think.  I neglected to write down the exact spelling of that name.  Oops, if error resulted?]

11 Responses to “The Secret Life of Spazzle Fizzletrinket (part 2)”

  1. Yeah, writing comics during their working hours, what were they thinking?

  2. Sigh…..and of course, my response goes in the wrong place. 😛



  4. Sintra E'Drien Says:

    ((Actually, that is the correct spelling of my character’s name, and is how the in-game editor mandated that it be written. Bonus points to those who “get” the meaning of the name itself))

  5. Shen Wei Pureblossom Says:

    That seems to be an apt description of those Wandering Isle Pandaren. It was said once, but bears repeating. Younglings, the lot of them! Best of luck in finding Ji.

  6. (( Loving the Noir Spazzle! Gives him some real sense of not being a tech-geek 😀 ))

    At least not all of the Pandaren I’ve met are as… um… bumbly…
    Kind of.

    …. okay, at least my bodyguard has a couple more brain cells than they do, though he DOES have a similarly insatiable appetite!

  7. ((I love the entire noir comic, but I have to say that I really love page 7 for breaking the wall. xD ))

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