Moving day (part 5)

C21_Page_12 C21_Page_13

* Thanks for the idea, Khizzara!

C21_Page_14 C21_Page_15 C21_Page_16 C21_Page_17


[Okay, we knew the “every day” thing wasn’t going to hold up forever!  But, we have one more installment of this episode coming…SOON ™.]


12 Responses to “Moving day (part 5)”

  1. I literally laughed out loud when Gurtash dropped his sketchbook.

  2. Aw, “doeling” actually sounds pretty endearing! Garrosh, you sap, you ;P

  3. Son of a pariah, and daughter of another (genocidal) species.

  4. These have been hysterical – thanks for the laugh, it was definitely appreciated. 😀

  5. Awww…

    (Dangit, Blizz — hire Averry! His Garrosh makes much more sense than yours!)

  6. She sounds like only a quarter orc. Are you sure the mother wasn’t already a half-draenei. Hmm, Garona…

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