Moving day (part 3)

[Okay, running a little late with today’s edition…but it’s still Sunday somewhere, right?  So…]

C21_Page_6C21_Page_7* Mokvar’s trouble began before he first came to Orgrimmar, during a time when he was part of a mercenary group.  He discussed his past here and here; an overall cheat sheet for Mokvar’s ongoing story can be found here.


[More tomorrow…or, depending on how you count, later today.]

12 Responses to “Moving day (part 3)”

  1. I see she has her father’s modesty… 😉

  2. An interesting turn of events. Let us see how this turns out.

  3. I like her! Shayari might be one of those hot weird space goat girls, but she totally gets an A+ for her attitude (even if she’s mean to Gurtash).

  4. You guys actually have trouble telling those two apart? I’m a bird and I know which is which.

  5. You screwed that up Utvoch. What a dork.

  6. Shut up Dontrag. You’re dorker.

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