Moving day (part 1)

[Brief preliminaries: Yes, I know I’d promised that this episode would be posted Wednesday, but life sort of undermined that plan.  (In a good way, overall — I had a sudden last-minute influx of work earlier in the week, which was bad in terms of free time suddenly evaporating, but good in terms of, you know, $$$.)  This first installment is just a short lead-in, but I wanted to have something up as soon as possible, rather than keeping everyone waiting for the whole thing to be done; along those lines, I’ll be posting a new chunk of the comic every day until it’s complete.  This is something I’ve wanted to start doing with the comics for a while, anyway: shorter installments posted more frequently.  Fingers crossed…]


So, yeah, after I got off the game and went to see Spazzle, he gave me the rundown on Ji.  Apparently, after I shut down ol’ Double-Stuff’s bright idea to go poking around Blackrock Mountain for clues about Mokvar, he decided, nah, I don’t have to listen to Garrosh, because really, when has he EVER fucking done that?  So he up and took off on his own.  And yes, as some of you more attentive readers might remember, he WAS under house arrest with a guard stationed outside his door, but evidently a Kor’kron enforcer is no match for that Rosy-Palm Talk-to-the-Hand move that the pandas all seem to know, and yes, why the fuck I’m PAYING these people is beyond me, too.  Anyway, we don’t know a lot of the specifics, other than the fact that Ji managed to high-tail it out of Orgrimmar, and that he’s planning to hit up Blackrock Mountain.

Before I get things together to head down that way, though, I had one other piece of personal business to see to…

C21_Page_1 C21_Page_2

[More tomorrow…]

10 Responses to “Moving day (part 1)”

  1. I see Garrosh gave her suitable baggage handlers… 😀

  2. Sintra E'Drien Says:

    Dear Warchief, you look a little sheepish in the illustrations. Are you conflicted by having to confront some who resonates so strongly with your own inner being? I have to admit, her attitude is very attractive, being mostly saucy with a dash of snark, and a (no doubt inherited) muscular ability to respond to unwelcome intrusions. Has poor Mr. Thathung recovered yet? Or at all? Tsk, tsk, tsk. he should have known better, as any female, (or draenai, for that matter) who is able to wander the streets of Orgrimmar alone clearly must possess the ability to remain undisturbed by your more, shall we say, unruly? subjects. (On the other hand, Mortimer himself as an escort would, or ought to, constitute an obvious free-pass and formidable protector combined.)

    By the way, I spy you, Taktani! *waves*

  3. Looking gooooooood, Shay! 😀 😀

    ((I wonder if Garrosh even realizes just how much Shayari takes after him, haha))

  4. Dat poor Gurtash jes can’t catch a break.

  5. Nice 😀 They’re more like each-other than they think :3

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