So now that things are kind of under control in Pandaria, Malkorok and I have been taking a few days to travel back to Orgrimmar and check on things there.  So far it’s been one damn thing after another, all the way down to Orphan Matron Battlwail giving me a few dirty looks, for what reason I have no idea.  I swear, if I leave town for any length of time, everything goes right down the tubes.  It never ceases to amaze me how many of these people turn into a bunch of Dontrags and Utvochs if they don’t have me there to cut their meat into little pieces for them.

Center stage, though, is Eitrigg.  I left him minding the store while I was in Pandaria, and no sooner had I boarded the ship than all that crap started going down with Mokvar.  I had a good long meeting with Eitrigg earlier today about just what the fuck was going on, and he tried explaining his reasoning for Iffy Decisions A through G, but honestly I’m starting to think age is starting to catch up to him.  I’ve got another meeting lined up with him later in the week, and I’m thinking I may have to arrange a little more…support before I head back south.  I’ve already talked to Overlord Runthak about taking over military command directly, and beyond that, I’m thinking Eitrigg could benefit from having a Kor’kron overseer or two assigned to him to do a little, well, overseeing.  Overseer Elaglo’s been doing some good work on a couple projects, so I’m thinking he might be in line for the call.

Anyway, I’ve got a bunch more people I need to touch base with, but our old buddy Liadrin is in Orgrimmar and has been asking to see me — not to mention I’ve had Spazzle in my ear yammering away on her behalf, about some big important thing she needs to discuss with me.  So I figured I should see what’s up with those two.  We hooked up outside Grommash Hold right after my debriefing with Eitrigg.  Luckily, Gurtash’s hand is healed up enough that he’s able to get back to doodle duty…




* Horde agents, with aid from within Dalaran, stole the Divine Bell from Darnassus, as accounted here.

** As Garrosh notes, Jaina did indeed get a bit upset about this.  Spazzle reported on the purge of Dalaran here.


* Liadrin arrived in Orgrimmar and met with Spazzle here.


21 Responses to “Homecoming”

  1. WHAT THE??!!!!!

    You naughty boy Garrosh you!

  2. dun dun DUNNN!!!

    ((did NOT see that coming! In other news, baby Warrior I mentioned in relation to SoO a while back has reached 60, so is nearly about to go meet Nagrand!Garrosh.))

  3. Warchief… you just suggested relations with your supposed daughter, who, since you aren’t several hundred years dead, is a child by their standards.

  4. Nice to see that the hand injury did not hold Gurtash back. Indeed, I rather think this is his finest work yet.

  5. I blame Magatha…

  6. *bounces cheerfully around, completely oblivious to what’s going on nearby…*

  7. Good thing she takes after her mother….

  8. Sure didn’t see that coming. Can’t wait to find out what happens next.


    (Also, yay for a fleeting moment of fame!)

    • ((FYI to anyone wondering — the “moment of fame” Prinnie is talking about is a cameo made by one of her toons in this comic. All the out-of-focus characters walking around in the foreground are based on people’s actual toons; the goblin at the bottom of page 3 and top of page 4 is Prinnie’s shaman, Bombelina. I’ll leave it to you other cameo folks to out yourselves if you so choose!))

  10. I wonder how much exposure to the Failliance this poor kid has had?

    Also, how are we sure this is actually your kid, Warchief?

  11. I…wow. The Warchief has a daughter? And a Draenei at that? (Odd sounds of an orcish female’s brain breaking)

  12. Nobody tell Garona!

  13. Wait, did I just see you hitting on your daughter before you realized she was your daughter? o_O

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