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Averry here with one last out-of-character item before I disappear behind the curtain again for (I hope) a long, long time.

Back before I went on my recent, unplanned hiatus, I’d written about my interest in setting up a Friends-of-WCB shits-and-giggles raid for Siege of Orgrimmar.  Based on the response I got, both in blog comments and in individual messages, it looked like there was a fair bit of interest at the time.  Hopefully that’s still the case, because now that life has become somewhat less hectic, I’d very much like to finally get the ball rolling.

So, here’s the pseudo-quasi-plan: I’d like to set up a Horde-side SoO group for next weekend – i.e., the weekend of November 23 and 24.  In a perfect world, if we have enough people and the right combination of roles, I’d love to do this as Flex, but if not, we can always go in and take over some poor, unsuspecting LFR.  This would be a one-night deal; I don’t have a strong preference for that Saturday or Sunday, so I’d prefer to leave that open and see when people are available.  I would be looking to start somewhere in the vicinity of 8:00-9:00 PM EST, and run until…well…until we all get sick of each other, I suppose.

If you’re still interested in coming along, please let me know – either through a comment here, or by contacting me directly – what your availability is and whether you have a preference between Saturday and Sunday.  (Also, please be sure to let me know if either day would be possible for you, even if you have a definite preference.)  If you haven’t already, feel free to add me on RealID: Averry#1116.

Even if you aren’t able to participate in the raid itself (say your Flex lockout is already committed, or you don’t have a max-level Horde toon*), you’re more than welcome to come join the party, whether that be hanging out in raid chat or popping into vent with us.  (Speaking of which, LF generous benefactor with a vent server we can use for the shindig!**  I promise this won’t be one of those cases like when you host a party the weekend your parents are away, and a bunch of strangers come over, and they end up wrecking the place, and then they take off and stick you with the mess, and so now you’ve got to clean it all up before Mom and Dad get home or oh boy are you going to be in trouble, which sounds pretty awful and stressful but really isn’t all that bad once you realize you can just cleaning-montage your way over it.  Although you never could figure out how the wombat got in the guest bathroom, because who the hell brings a wombat to a party?  They’re notoriously bad minglers.  So no, it won’t be like that.***)

So, there you have it – clear your (social) (HA!) (raid) calendars!

Be seeing you,



* Although, seriously, you don’t?  What’s wrong with you?

** I say “shindig,” because yes, gentle readers, I am old.

*** Disclaimer: It will totally be like that.

44 Responses to “Ready Check”

  1. I am not 100% on if I would be able to go, Repgrind has my bnet so I can get the details from her. I may have a vent you can use too if you can’t find one.

  2. Sign me up 😀 – Saturday is better for me but either day is fine – don’t know what time that is my time cause math is hard but should be okay.

  3. Ummm…isn’t Garrosh killing Garrosh some sort of weird space/time continuum thing going on? It won’t explode the universe or anything, will it?

  4. I’ll be there, FYI, I’m bringing the wombat.

  5. I’m in. Either night is fine with me. And like Lyss said, we can probably use the SR vent. Bocat would likely be fine with us using the Crits vent, too. If you don’t mind being in an Alliance vent, of course … :p

  6. Squeeee! I get to play! YAAAY!

    (Either night is okay as far as I know. Low ilevel, but I’ll be there on Tak!)

    • Not only do you get to play, but I suspect you’ll be a celebrity of sorts!

      And, meh, I’m not so worried about ilevel issues. Sure, I’d rather kill than be killed, but this is a for-fun raid, not srs-bizness progression.

  7. Either night should be fine with me. Yay! 😀

  8. Woohoo! Count me in. 1 Tank or dps checking in 😀

  9. Darnit all, looks like I may be missing out – pretty sure those times are when I have my normal raids to attend D;

    Have fun, though! I hope there’ll be some sort of in-character mention of the raid in a future post so I can pretend I was there 😉

  10. I transferred back to Horde, and I would love to come. I can Disc heal or shadow (geared for Shadow). Saturday is preferable, but I can do Sunday if needed. I may not log in right at 8 (son’s bedtime is at 8) but I’m usually on shortly after.

  11. I would love to join you all but unfortunately will be working until 10:30 eastern. Maybe you will schedule another after New Year’s when my workload will not be so crazy?

    • Maybe so — if things go well this weekend and we manage not to get on each other’s nerves, I wouldn’t be opposed to making it into a recurring thing. Not weekly by any stretch, but I could see us doing, say, one weekend a month or something like that.

    • You could always join in late. I mean, it’s flex, so adding an extra person part way through won’t be difficult. 🙂


    Oh, it’s pretty much open? Cool, then I’m gonna show up and there’s NOTHING YOU CAN DO.

  13. I would love to go, but sadly it looks like I will miss the fun. Aside from the time being too late for me to attend that is the weekend I am flying home for Thanksgiving (I will be on a 10hr transatlantic flight). Maybe if you run it again I will get to go.

  14. Sunday would probably better for me but I could do Sat if need be. I am awesomesauce dps and if you need a vent you are welcome to use my guild’s vent.

    • Consider yourself on call for awesomesauce. Ness. Sorry to have to go to your second choice of days, but it looks like Saturday is going to be a better fit for more people. Hopefully it won’t be too much of a problem.

  15. Either should work! I’d love to come. Been out of WoW for a bit though.

    • If it’s any comfort as far as rustiness goes, I haven’t set foot in a raid (I do not count LFR) since…well…Deathwing. So you’ve all been warned: do not expect pro gaming from yours truly!

  16. My schedule:

    Saturday — 7pm PST (10pm EST) to 9pm PST (12am EST)

    Sunday — No WoW access.

    • Same as Alayea. You can click my name to be taken to my character page, and my tank is Asahel@Malfurion. (Her gear is still being worked on, so she isn’t gemmed or enchanted.)

      • Ah, good, another tanking option! Will you also be joining in progress, like Alayea? It’s fine either way. Don’t worry too much about the gear (though, obviously gems are better than no gems); I’m not planning on being TOO much of a gear Nazi.

      • Yep, happy to join in whenever I can! And don’t worry, in the event my tank is needed/desired, she will have at least some gems and enchants (at least the cheaper ones – waiting on better gear before I splurge on the expensive stuff).

    • Looks like Saturday is a go. Since you’ll be getting on a little late, you can definitely join us in progress.

  17. If you would like to have a restoration shaman healer, I’m free for the evening. Long time reader, first time commenter, and I am happy to come along if you’d like. He’s Shenwei@Wyrmrest Accord. He’s fully gemmed and enchanted, although his item level is a little low.

    • Count yourself in! I’m glad we’re getting an assortment of healing options signing on. As I’ve said a couple times here already, I’m not planning to be too much a stickler for gear; we can see what we have and then sort out the best way to set up roles.

      • Sweet. He also has an elemental spec which isn’t quite as geared as resto is, but every bit of dps helps in some fights.

  18. If you still have room I’d love to tag along. I have either a death knight, warlock, or shaman that could go. I think my preference would be for the death knight. 🙂 I would have to leave before 12:30 so that I can get ready for my guild’s raid. But both days would work for me.

    • We’ll be doing Flex, so there’s always room for more! So, by all means, come along. My first instinct is to say to bring whichever toon you’d most like to play; on the off chance that composition becomes an issue, we might ask people with multiple options to switch, but I’m hoping that won’t be the case. We’re on for Saturday night (also known as tomorrow), so hopefully we’ll see you then!

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