Clobberin’ time


[OOC Preliminaries:  Okay, so yes, I know, I’ve been criminally slow in updating the blog.  I’ve been caught in an all-too-busy real life these last few months, and even when I have had some free time after work, I often haven’t had the mental energy to work on anything that required much focus.  And I didn’t want to just toss stuff on here that was half-assed.  Whole-assed only for my readers!  (That sounded better in my head.)  Anyway, thank you for your patience.  I don’t want to make any sweeping promises that I won’t end up keeping, but I should be able to get back to more of a normal schedule from here on.]

[Also:  Don’t think I’ve forgotten about my idea to do a blog-friends Siege of Orgrimmar group!  More on that very shortly!]

[Also also: DAMMIT, Blizzard, I already DID that idea.  FUCKING TIME TRAVEL.]


So, getting back to the long-overdue story of what the hell happened in those caves.  More specifically, what the hell happened after I turned that corner and found Varian giving me the OH HAI GAIS face.

How about THAT, by the way, huh?

So, yeah, as you might imagine, Varian and I were pretty quick to recognize this as the opportunity it was for the two of us to sit down and hash out our differences like adults.










19 Responses to “Clobberin’ time”

  1. YAY! Blog update! *dances*

  2. Not enough squees in the world!!!!!!

    Ridiculously glad to see the blog back in action.

  3. Hey, look! I’m a panda! xD

  4. [Spoiler alert!]

    ((So… Turns out that we aren’t going to be done with Garrosh after all. Now we’ll get to fight him and his daddy Grom in the next x-pack.

    Still processing it.))

  5. My shammy-senses felt a post from you today: glad to see you back.

  6. So glad to see your back! Hope the folks at Blizz get your something nice for stealing your time travel idea. Although not sure Metzen had thought it out quite as well as you had.

    • ((I don’t even know how much I want to get into the time travel business in WoD… I understand the idea of it being a separate timeline, and as such a different Draenor than the one that becomes our Outland…but…ugh. Just needlessly messy.))

      • ((There was an excellent comment left on WoW Insider today about it: You know how you can take a cutting off one type of fruit tree and graft it to another? Think of the Draenor we’ll be visiting as a branch of a pear tree grafted onto Our Timeline’s apple tree trunk.))

  7. I swear, if Metzen steals the lemon squares as well…

  8. Glad you’re back!

    (I swear, when I first heard about the time travel thing my immediate thought was “HOW DOES AVERRY PREDICT THE FUTURE?!”)

  9. Glad to see you back with all new “fuck you Varians”

  10. Welcome back!

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