Again I ask…



And, maybe even more importantly…


No, really.

Since the live blog seemed to go over pretty well, and we DO still have a couple weeks left of National Poetry Month, I may see about putting together another of these battles before all is said and done…provided you guys are able to keep playing muse and come up with some good matchups!  So get commenting!

24 Responses to “Again I ask…”

  1. Tandeleina Says:

    Not sure if you’re looking only for opponents for yourself, or pairings ERB style, but since you compared them once yourself … Tirion vs. Taran Zhu!

  2. Ishmishmish Says:

    A Garrosh/Jaina rap battle would make me so incredibly happy.

  3. Saurfang v Arthas

  4. Sylvanas vs. Moira Bronzebeard: Two ruthlessly ambitious women willing to protect their “family” at any cost. Who would go to greater lengths?

    Lorewalker Cho vs. Bran Bronzebeard: Both interested in the past; both alarmingly prone to pushing buttons they shouldn’t. But which is Azeroth’s foremost historian?

    D&U vs. Budd: Which is the more idiotic? Or the most annoying? I know I can’t decide.

    • Tandeleina Says:

      I was thinking of Bran and Cho too! XD

      D & U vs. Budd … oh god. Would 2 against 1 be fair though? or would D & U double up the stupid?

  5. Jaina vs Sylvanas would be great. As would Budd vs Johnny Awesome.

  6. Jaina and Garona could be pretty dang interesting. Both are quite fierce.

  7. Mylune vs. Wrathion — THIS MUST HAPPEN (especially if Wrathion is in his whelp form)

  8. This poll is fixed. Either that, or there are a hell of a lot of Alliance reading this blog.

    Also it must be noted that I was NOT the first one to suggest Tirion vs. Taran … apparently others want to see that too. ^.^

    • The real question is whether someone will beat you to the punch on a Faranell matchup.

      • >:-|

        I couldn’t decide on a good opponent for him. I mean, Edwin is so far above everyone else …

      • Garrosh is warchief
        Strong, fearless and powerful
        But Varian wins


      • I tried to come up with a Faranell matchup too, but couldn’t come up with a suitable opponent. Also, I had trouble imagining Faranell playing along.

      • See, again, this is the beauty of these battles… Since they’re basically an exercise in EPIC VERSE, it’s not like we can’t take some liberties as far as who can/can’t/would/wouldn’t participate. As far as I’m concerned, even the dead are eligible.

        (That is, the hacked-up-into-pieces-for-real-for-real dead, not just the walking-around-drinking-beer-with-your-buddies dead like we have strolling around all over the place.)

  9. Kalecgos Vs Farnell would be pretty fun.

    Expressing support for Cho vs Brann. Hopefully it would end with both of them pressing the wrong button and >going away< forever.

    Seriously, as an adventurer I've been put in more bad situations by those two than I care to relate.

    Poking the big button labeled "kill everyone" in the "tomb-of-the-thing-that-was-sealed-up-for-a-reason" is apparently how you conduct archaeological research study these days, though.


  10. […] the winner. Clearly Garrosh’s EPIC VERSE should come out on top. Yet somehow, some way, Varian is winning. I mean, There are even HORDE voting for him. Now, I understand that faction loyalties should not […]

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