Memory lane


After the disaster up at Shado-Pan Monastery, Krimpatul and I brought the sha claw that we’d taken from Burzum back to the Sanctum of Two Moons.  I’m hoping that if we examine it and conduct a few experiments, we can figure out a way to draw on that sha power without…you know…the accompanying crazy-going.  While we get going on that, I’m sending Krimp over to Tian Monastery to round up the DPS trainees and bring them back to Domination Point.  Hopefully they managed to pick up a few useful tricks from the monks there.

Oh, but hey, guess who was here to greet us at the Sanctum when we got back?  Baine Bloodhoof, newly arrived in Pandaria.  That’s, like, the best news I could get without there actually being any good news.  Because I’ve been suffering from a severe deficiency in pain in my ass ever since Vol’jin took the big grave-flop…


* Much to his disgruntlement, Garrosh learned of Dezco’s tauren expedition during a planning session for the Dominance Offensive.

** Dezco and Anduin have (some of) this exchange at the Temple of the White Tiger.









[Old Orgrimmar background images provided by Rades from Orcish Army Knife, used here with permission and many thanks.]


11 Responses to “Memory lane”

  1. Which brings up the question: exactly HOW does Gurtash know what a felweed trip looks like?

    • Umm… I’m going to chalk this up to imagination and artistic license, and then start making a point of being more attentive for unusual aromas around the trainees’ quarters…?

  2. Heh.

    OOC: Can I just say how freakin’ PISSED I am at how much of a Never-Can-Do-Wrong-Now Marty Stu they’re making Varian on the Alliance side of the storyline? I would not be surprised if they ended up fridging Jaina (bad enough her justified rage is being portrayed as “irrational”) in some way for the sake of HIS manpain.

    In short, FUCK YOU VARIAN!

  3. Personally, I love how young-Garrosh’s head is pre-squished since he hadn’t yet met Tirion. 🙂

  4. Speaking of slow Goblin construction, Thrall wasn’t too far off when he said it’d take two years. I hear that they just finished work on Orgrimmar’s front gate. I’m also hearing rumors that Alliance workers have finished clearing up Deathwing’s damage. That surprised me, given Stormwind’s history of, you know, NOT PAYING for work done.

    • You’d think they would notice something fishy when they showed Varian the estimate for the work, and he started chortling uncontrollably while answering, “Oh absolutely, yeah, go ahead and get started, I’ll pay that for sure.”

      (Fuck you, Varian.)

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