Spazzle Speaks: Mailbag Request


Hey, what’s up?

Spazzle here again.  Just wanted to chime in and give everybody an update, and also make a request.  Garrosh has been getting back to normal again the last few days.  (Well, about as normal as things get for him.)  (I probably should have known better than to say that.  He does read this sometimes.)  But he’s still taking everything pretty hard.  I can’t really blame him; I can’t imagine what it must be like to find your long-lost mom again, then lose her, then… <sigh>  Anyway, he left last night to go back to Nagrand for a few days.  He’s staying in contact with us here in Orgrimmar, but some time out there will probably do him good.

I have a request for everybody for when he gets back again.  Garrosh has been so busy dealing with everything else lately that he really hasn’t had much of a chance to check on his mail.  I think maybe having some letters to respond to might help him get his mind off of everything else that’s been going on, and let him get back in a more comfortable space.  So if you guys could be sending him some mail, maybe a few random Warchief-ish questions like the old days, I think it might do him some good.

Or, maybe even better, you could take a different approach to helping him via the mail.  Maybe a show of solidarity.  If you happen to find yourself near Demon Fall Canyon in Ashenvale, or the Ancestral Grounds in Nagrand, maybe take a minute to stop and pay your respects?  To Grom, or Lakkara, or both…and Garrosh by extension.  If you include a picture of yourself there in your note to the Warchief, that could be nice for him to see, to know he’s not going it alone.  Maybe even toss the picture up on your own blog if you have one, since I know Garrosh reads around quite a bit, even if he usually stays a lurker.

If you ever need anything,



8 Responses to “Spazzle Speaks: Mailbag Request”

  1. <..>

    Every time I visit Grommash Hold you are wearing the same outfit. Thrall was the same back when he held the position. So my question is, when you are Warchief do you get to choose one outfit as your uniform and then that’s that? You don’t get to wear anything different?

    • Oops, still a little new to leaving comments. My “emoticons” were partially eaten. Sorry.

    • A Concerned Citizen Says:

      He’s not the only one, nor the worst. I mean, he’s a soldier when you get right down to it. Armor, weapons, uniform of the day, done. The ones I can’t figure out? The tailors. Every blessed one of them has been wearing the same damn thing for what? Six, seven years now? And they’re the experts on fashion? I don’t get it.

      • A Concerned Citizen Says:

        And for what it’s worth, Thrall’s new outfit is NOT an improvement. Those black leathers were very snappy. He made a bad, bad decision when he let Aggra start choosing his wardrobe.

    • Do I GET to wear anything different? Sure, if I want to. Seriously, though, with everything else I’ve got to worry about, you want me sinking time and energy into picking out different outfits too? Which first of all would have to be suitable to use in battle, because who knows when I might have to jump into the fray (alternative: “Crap, Alliance are invading Orgrimmar? Wait right here while I go change!”), and second of all, have you not noticed all the frigging blood elves hanging around in Grommash Hold? Do you have ANY idea how catty they’ll get if I don’t accessorize well?

  2. Whats the big deal about what kind of outfit you are wearing? That would be the least of my worries. Besides this is not a fashon blog.


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