Aromatic Orgrimmar


Okay, so, there weren’t any suggestions for today’s installment of Garrosh’s Poetry Challenge, so instead, I went back to some of the previous posts and basically yanked together a few different ideas that I hadn’t used yet.  Hence today’s installment!  Just one left, guys — this Thursday will be the last entry in our April full o’ EPIC VERSE, so I’m counting on you all to dig down deep and give me some good options to work with!  Don’t drop the ball here, folks!  YOUR WARCHIEF HAS SPOKEN!


A bastion standing strong in harsh terrain,
The solitary hold of Durotar,
Where all misguided sieges fall in vain:
Behold the shining might of Orgrimmar.
The sights familiar glimmer in our eyes,
And sounds echoing in ears for all to tell,
But in the Spirit Valley, what surprise
To find the touchstone sense would be the smells.
To south, the goblin stench of industry
With Kaja’Cola undercurrents waft;
To north, the pungent herbal potpourri
That trolls with hookahs spew so very oft.
     And truly, that’s the scent that takes me back,
     To days in Northrend sniffing ’round Zul’Drak.





[Header image provided by Khizzara from Blog of the Treant, used here with permission and many thanks.]

7 Responses to “Aromatic Orgrimmar”

  1. Since no one else seems willing to give any suggestions I will try. Perhaps an epic battle verse or poem in praise of the horde?

  2. A nice verse, I suppose. Olfactory descriptions are only obliquely interesting for an Undead like me. So is food.

    … ‘cuse me while I go find a lich to beat up.

  3. Suggestion: Poem about Murlocs. 😀

  4. If you ask me, it’s been far too long since we had an Epic Verse that ended with “Fuck you, Varian.”

    • Hmm, this is actually a very good point. Granted, the EPIC VERSE I ended up writing for the final Poetry Challenge poem didn’t really lend itself to a “Fuck you, Varian” at the end, but you’re right, I need to start getting back to my poetic roots.

      Also: Fuck you, Varian.

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