Two for one special


So, needless to say after yesterday’s mailbag, I’ve got a lot on my mind right now.  I still plan on making some inspection stops in the Eastern Kingdoms, but the timetable might be spread out a little more than it would have been, what with some other things I need to check up on.

Still, I also definitely need to check on the northern parts of the Eastern Kingdoms, and I’m probably pretty overdue to pay Sylvanas a visit in the Undercity.  So with that in mind, here’s today’s installment of Garrosh’s Poetry Challenge – two short poems today, one on who’s-his-face, the blood elf leader guy…


There was a blood elf named…whatever,
Who they tell me is noble and clever.
After Kael’thas went loony
And left Silvermoon, he
Installed in his place…um…whoever.


…and one in tribute to one of Sylvanas’…um…colorful citizens.


There was a man named Jeremiah
Who was a Forsaken pariah.
If someone encroaches
On selling cockroaches
They’d best pray for some kind of messiah.



6 Responses to “Two for one special”

  1. Epic Verse suggestion: Locks in Socks!

  2. A Concerned Citizen Says:

    Ah, but you should have known him, once. (Which is why I’m so hard on him.)

    Arthas had driven an army and siege train straight through Silvermoon without bothering to stop, right before blowing up the Sunwell. Things were pretty grim right after that. How did we survive, you ask? Well, most of us didn’t. Kael’thas promptly bugged out for Outland, leaving Lor’themar Theron in charge. He was able to organize the supplies well enough that those of us who survived didn’t starve. And he managed to scrounge up enough mana crystals that most of us didn’t turn into mindless Wretched. In those days, he was magnificent.

    Knowing what he DID … and what he’s done (and hasn’t done) since … is it any wonder I’m so irritated with him?

  3. LMAO I can’t wait 🙂

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