Happy Pilgrim’s Bounty


Quiet day in Orgrimmar, mostly consisting of me having some quality time with lots and lots and LOTS of food.

Best wishes to all my loyal readers and minions for a good Pilgrim’s Bounty this week.  Be sure to gorge yourselves on utterly unhealthy volumes of food.  If you run out, go raid the tables set up in Alliance towns and eat some of theirs, too.  Then laugh at them.  I’d recommend starting with Varian’s spread, just because.


One Response to “Happy Pilgrim’s Bounty”

  1. *Looks over at Varian’s table*

    Come on over Hordies! I think Varian has enough food this year to feed all of the Alliance plus 98% of the Horde as well. As long as no one starts up a duel of drumsticks or a food fight with the mashed potatoes, we could very well have ourselves one hell of a Pilgrim’s feast! Let there be war tomorrow and fresh rolls today.

    (Happy Thanksgiving!)

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