The title pretty much says it all – the chance you’ve all been waiting for!

I know I haven’t been offering up a lot of poetry lately, so I thought I’d change things up and give you, my loyal and devoted readers and minions, a chance to choose the topic of my next masterpiece.  I’ll let the poll run for several days, then get to work on the winner.  Also, if you have other ideas for topics you’d like to see me give the EPIC treatment, go ahead and make your suggestions in the comments to this post, and if I see some promising ones I’ll try to oblige there as well.


One Response to “YOU CHOOSE the next EPIC VERSE!”

  1. I’d really would like to know your thoughts on the colossal changes to Orgrimmar. Glad and Manners have returned to their Horde roots after two years as secret agents amongst the Alliance and we find ourselves utterly confused and lost in our faction’s capital city.

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