Okay, calming down now…


So I think I might have gotten a little carried away last time about the internet thing.  It’s been pretty stressful what with the war with the Alliance and the war with Deathwing and the war with the Twilight’s Hammer and the war with Ragnaros and the search for more people to go to war with.  I keep getting these reports about spies and so I think I’m probably worrying about people pulling sneaky shit more than I need to.  I mean the Thrall thing was probably some stupid random prank and it’s not something I should really be worrying about and I’m sure most people on these blog things are who they say they are because it would be really fucking stupid for people to pretend they’re something they’re not on the internet.

Anyway I’m done freaking out now so I should be back to more normal, level-headed posts like you’re used to.


One Response to “Okay, calming down now…”

  1. Right… we’re used to “level-headed” posts from you…

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