Cake Ogar


Some of you might remember that last week, a TROUBLEMAKING TREE went and screwed up the whole damn Orgrimmar Cooking Award system by posting my Greatmother’s secret lemon square recipe online.  Since then I’ve been trying to think of a way to get the situation under control again, not to mention find something else to keep Marogg occupied now that his Cooking Awards are devalued, but now, you know what, fuck it, the cat’s out of the bag.  Time for Plan B.

Since I can’t stop Edenvale from handing out Greatmother’s recipe, I’m just going to have to come at this from the other direction and make it a pointless exercise.  So effective immediately – ALL HORDE CITIZENS WILL HAVE LEMON SQUARES AND TEA WITH THE WARCHIEF, OR YOU DIE!

You heard me!  How do you like THEM apples, Edenvale?  Or, um, lemon squares.


“Um, lemon squares, please.”

VERY WELL!  Give him lemon squares!  How about you, rogue?  LEMON SQUARES OR DEATH?

“Um…well…lemon squares for me too.”

VERY WELL!  Give him lemon squares too!  Hmm, someone get Marogg working on more of these lemon squares, we’re gonna run out at this rate.  You!  Mage!  LEMON SQUARES OR DEATH?

“Uh, you know I can just conjure my own—”


“Wait, no, I meant lemon squares!”

Didn’t sound like it to me!  I think you chose death!

“No!  Lemon squares!  I meant lemon squares!”

That’s more like it!  Okay then, how about you, paladin?  LEMON SQUARES OR DEATH?

“Lemon squares, please.”

Well we’re OUT of lemon squares!  I only had one platter of them and I didn’t expect such a rush!  So what do you want?

“So my choice is ‘or death’?”

Um…hmm.  Is the mage still around?


8 Responses to “Cake Ogar”

  1. Well, I am Alliance… I think death is automatic if I make it into Orgrimmar…

  2. That Edenvale, such a troublemaker!

  3. You have a piece together undead working as a chef now? He should be good to get some recipes out if. I just have to shake something sparkly in his face. hahaha!

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