Speaking of Sylvanas…


There once was an elf named Sylvanas
Who cried, “Shit! The Scourge are upon us!”
She died fighting and she
Was raised as a banshee
While Scourge swarmed her land like piranhas.



3 Responses to “Speaking of Sylvanas…”

  1. Upon came the Scarlet Crusade
    Like clowns in a parade
    “You’re an abonimation!”
    Cried her congregation
    Her lilac phlogiston embrace
    Calmed not her ire place
    Dare not tread or wade;
    On Lilian’s violaceous crusade.

  2. Epic Verse!

    These are like little ‘booster packs’ for a good chuckle 🙂

    – Jamin

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