Monday mailbag

OMG people are reading my blog!!!!  I didn’t even tell anybody other than Spazzle and Eitrigg that this blog was here and now people are reading it!  I have fans!  People love me!  I WILL BASK IN THE ADORING GLOW OF MY LOYAL AND DEVOTED FOLLOWERS!  Go me!  GO GARROSH!


I hear ya about the paperwork, Warchief.  Are you sure you don’t have any assistants to help cover it, though?  I’m just a Kor’kron captain and even I have Aleric here to push some of the forms off on.  Speaking of which, is there any chance you could have someone come by and relieve me for a weekend or something?  I’ve been stuck standing here in the Royal Quarter for almost two years now, and while the view isn’t bad if you know what I mean, let’s just say the aroma around this place isn’t the greatest thing in the world.  It would be kind of nice to have a day or two to just go up to Brill and get some air.

— Bragor Bloodfist, Undercity

Oh yeah, absolutely, let me send someone down there to relieve you, Bragor.  You really must need a break what with how hard you’ve been working keeping an eye on Sylvanas and making sure she doesn’t get up to anything fishy like developing more of Putress’s plague, and – OH WAIT, SHE TOTALLY DID.  How about you DO YOUR FUCKING JOB SUCCESSFULLY before you ask for a vacation?  Hey, pro tip, if you spend two years fighting the minions of a diabolical mastermind, like say, I don’t know, some FUCKING SHIMMERY WINGED UNDEAD GIANTS, and one day you see them just hanging out in one of the capital cities of the Horde, and instead of being KILLED LIKE THE BLOOD ENEMIES THEY ARE, it seems like they’re just chilling with one of our leaders, you know, maybe you want to check up on that.

But oh, hey, you do make a decent point about assistants, though.  Tell you what.  I was going to send someone down there to relieve you, but I think what I’ll do instead is keep them around here and have them work on these forms for me.  You keep at it down there in the Undercity.  I’ll be expecting your report on where the fuck Koltira Deathweaver disappeared to.  IN TRIPLICATE.


Hey mon, I be havin’ a question for ya.  If da Lich King’s horse is Invincible, how come I be seein’ it?

Vol’ Bob, Echo Isles

OMG I can’t believe how stupid this guy is!  The Lich King’s horse is INVINCIBLE NOT INVISIBLE YOU STUPID IDIOT!  ALSO YOU’RE STUPID!!  HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!  How dumb do you have to be to not know words.

I swear sometimes I think I’m the only one left in the Horde that’s not a damn retard LOL.


I seriously can’t believe Thrall put you in charge.  It’s not that you’re dumb as a post, because let’s face it, his other options were all orcs, and what were his odds there with any choice he made?  And it’s not so much that you’re a badboy poser who talks a good game when he knows there’s someone like Rhonin or Tirion in the room to break up any actual fight.

But dude.  Poetry?  From your journal?  Which, you know, is just a slightly less pathetic way to say “diary”?  What are you, a fourteen-year-old girl?  Do you try to compensate by at least writing poems about weapons and battle, or are you just going all-out and writing about flowers and other sissy crap like that?

— Varian Wrynn, Stormwind

OMG HOW DID HE SEE THIS BLOG!!!  I’m writing this for LOYAL CITIZENS OF THE HORDE TO SEE, what idiot rigged up the internet so ANYONE can just go around looking up WHATEVER THEY WANT!!  Next thing you know kids at the Orgrimmar orphanage will be able to look up succubus erotica that is clearly only supposed to be for me adults.  (Does anyone know if Greatmother can see this, by the way?  Just checking.)

Anyway!  SOMEHOW you’ve managed to breach blog security here, Varian, so I suppose I should answer you.  First of all, on the poetry in general, hey, don’t get pissy with me because I’ve read a book in my life.  Don’t you have some giant library right there in your castle?  How about you reach up on one of those shelves and crack a tome once in a while and maybe get some damn culture.

As for what I write about, here, just for you, I’ll write one about flowers AND weapons.  Enjoy.


Mageroyal is red,
Peacebloom is white,
Axes are sharp,
Fuck you, Varian. 



Keep the letters coming.  I’ll try to do these mailbags when I can.  FOR THE HORDE!

2 Responses to “Monday mailbag”

  1. Holy Crap! I hope Garrosh doesn’t see the post I put up about his this morning! What was I thinking…Lemon Squares…I’m…so….dead……

    • Garrosh Hellscream Says:

      HOW did you get that recipe?! First of all, that was my GREATMOTHER’S lemon square recipe and nobody outside the family was supposed to have it anyway…and the only way anyone ELSE is every supposed to be able to get it is with 15 Orgrimmar Cooking Awards! DO YOU REALIZE YOU’VE JUST SIDESTEPPED THE WHOLE COOKING AWARD SYSTEM?? And now you’re giving it out to EVERYONE to they can sidestep it TOO!! OMG DO YOU REALIZE HOW LONG IT TOOK ME TO COME UP WITH SOMETHING TO GIVE MAROGG TO DO TO KEEP HIM BUSY?!?! I mean geez, his filet mignon in sauce Bernaise looks like dog turds in glue…

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